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Your credit score after unpaid taxes

Even after you have paid the IRS, your credit record is still damaged to the point that everything except cash purchases costs you more. Believe it or not, Federal Tax Liens show on your credit record even after they are released.

This means they still hurt your credit score

It’s true that they will issue a release that you can have posted to the credit record that shows the tax has been paid, but because you have had a lien in the past your credit score is much lower than it should be.

There is another procedure that can even remove all references to the lien from your credit report once we have satisfied the outstanding tax liability.

Credit scores usually improve dramatically.

Many taxpayers have been able to have IRS reduce the penalties.

For taxpayers who don’t file an Offer In Compromise – We can help with a request to the IRS to Abate the IRS penalties for “Reasonable Cause.” This can be as simple as explaining to the IRS that your basement flooded.

It’s a great way to drastically reduce the total amount you owe the IRS.

Many taxpayers use our firm to keep the IRS away from them and their families. Most of our clients never meet or speak with the IRS. We make the IRS call us, so our clients can go to work and carry on a normal life.

If you are looking for a solution to your tax problems and want to get your life back, contact your Middle Tennessee tax resolution experts. We specializes in ending the misery that comes along with your IRS problems.

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