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10 Things to do if you Owe Back Taxes to the IRS

The IRS Restructuring and Reform Bill of 1998 was a landmark law which put respect for the individual taxpayer back into the system. It forces the IRS to communicate with the public and grant taxpayers “due process” rights. When the IRS comes around to collect, sooner or later you are going to have to face the music. Playing games with the tax collector can have negative impact because the system is designed to make your life miserable.

Here are ten things to do if you owe back taxes to the IRS:

1. Do not ignore any IRS notices

Always respond to the IRS notices. Most people get into trouble because they ignore the computer-generated IRS notices. Some IRS notices are sent by certified mail. If you think you can ignore IRS notices by not going to the post office to pick them up, you are mistaken.

2. Never meet an IRS agent alone

Since IRS collection interviews are no picnic, you should have representation to wind up with much better results

3. Spend an hour with a tax expert before going to the IRS

Spending time with a tax expert will help you with preparation for your collection interview. A tax expert will tell you how to conduct yourself and make you aware of when the IRS revenue officer is attempting to take advantage of you. Always remember that the IRS revenue officer’s job is to collect money for the government.

4. The IRS must explain your rights during an IRS interview

As per the IRS publication entitled “The IRS Collection Process” revised in 2015, you have a right to be represented and that you have a right to be treated in a professional and courteous manner. If you don’t like the way you are being treated, you can stop the interview and ask to speak with a supervisor.

5. The IRS in not infallible

Recently the IRS was audited by the General Accounting Officer and it seems that their own house needs some cleaning. Usually, the IRS cannot keep track of how much you owe, especially if you have been making regular payments. The IRS makes mistakes so don’t take their word for everything. 

6. You may be an innocent spouse

If you are widowed, separated or divorced and have tax problems due to actions of your former spouse then you are entitled to innocent spouse relief. This relief could result in the entire tax bill being written off against you.

7. You have due process

The IRS can no longer just take your business, seize your bank account, automobile, or garnish your wages without giving you any written notice and an opportunity to challenge what it claims. When you challenge the IRS, all the collection activity must come to a screeching halt. You can even take them to the court and they cannot collect from you until the judge issues a decision.

8. You don’t go to jail if you can’t pay

Though you can go to jail for trying to trick the IRS or cheating on your taxes, you cannot go to jail for owing taxes to the IRS and the inability to pay.

9. Recognize the power of the IRS

IRS agents operate under very few rules and have more power than anyone in the federal government. They can make your life pleasant or miserable. Most success in dealing with them comes from your communication in a prompt manner.

10. You have options when you owe to the IRS

There are several options for people who owe taxes to the IRS. If you owe and can pay in full, you should pay the taxes despite the pain. But if you can’t pay in full then your options include hardship suspension, installment payment arrangement, bankruptcy, and offer-in-compromise.

It is important to pay the taxes you owe to the IRS as non-payment can negatively impact your life. Consult an experienced Enrolled Agent for assistance with working out a plan as per your budget and needs while ensuring proper procedures are followed.  

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Be Aware of the Latest IRS Scams

You may wonder how IRS scammers go about stealing your personal information. Well, your personal information is everywhere: on unencrypted hard drives; USB drives; in the cloud; social media; filed with your employer, financial institution. tax preparer, and even the IRS itself. Because income tax returns contain so much valuable personal information, they are a highly desirable target for hacking by identity thieves.

IRS Scammers Use Psychological Manipulation

Scammers take advantage of people’s fear of the IRS! They use is to pressure taxpayers into providing sensitive information by phone, email or postal mail. In addition, they can infect computers with malware that enables them to access people’s files, track keystrokes via links and attachments in emails, or by impersonating tax preparation companies. You can’t possibly prevent all types of tax-related fraud, but you can educate yourself about the latest tax scams so you are less likely to become a victim.

Phone Scams 

Many scammers are carrying out their schemes by phone. They convince callers that they are legitimate IRS employees by using false caller IDs, using false IRS employee badge numbers (or even real ones), and already being in possession of key information about their targets. The IRS refers to these scammers as “aggressive and sophisticated.”

These callers try to convince taxpayers to send immediate payment through a preloaded debit card, gift card or wire transfer. These methods prevent victims from getting their money back, even if they discover they’ve been scammed. Scammers may even ask their targets to hold up their credit cards to the camera in their phones or computer, in order to get their payment information. If the taxpayer doesn’t pay, these callers may threaten arrest, driver’s license suspension, business license suspension or, in the case of immigrant targets, deportation. Scammers may claim that you haven’t paid a nonexistent federal student tax, penalties related to the Affordable Care Act, or back taxes. These scammers are successful enough that they’ve managed to steal millions of dollars from unsuspecting taxpayers over the last few years.

Email Scams

Email scams are another major threat. Scammers will use the IRS logo or tax software company logo. These emails can look quite official, but don’t be fooled! The email may be about your expected refund, your filing status, missing personal information, or e-File PIN. Links in these emails direct you to websites that also look legitimate. By clicking on these links, you are giving the scammers access to all your personal information. These links may also contain malware that can give scammers access to your files or track your keystrokes without your knowledge. You may as well take out a billboard with your personal information on it! Be aware of these scams! Protect yourself and your information!

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Stephen Wallick and Associates Turkey Drive 2016


As an opportunity to further serve the Dickson County Community, I am requesting your support.  There are 3 organizations that need our help.

1)      The Dickson County Sheriff’s Office is participating in “No Shave November”.  The Sheriff is allowing any deputy to participate for a donation of $50.  The money raised will directly support the DICKSON COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY to help with feeding animals over the winter.  Maybe you could consider giving a dog or cat in need of a home for a Christmas present.   Please contact my office for additional information, (615)-326-TAX9.

2)      The House of Hope and New Beginnings will be hosting their 2nd Annual “Jingle Bell Run”.  Money raised will help Dickson County families in need for Christmas.  The 5K run will be on Saturday, December 10, 2016, starting at 7 a.m.  If you cannot make the run, please feel free to contact me, there are other ways to contribute.  You can register for the run online at

3)      The Dickson County Help Center – The people of Dickson County will not go hungry or be without clothes, shoes, blankets, heat or medicine. Why? Because of the Dickson County Help Center.  The Dickson County Help Center is preparing Thanksgiving Food Baskets with the goal of helping 600 Dickson County families have a turkey dinner for the holiday.  The Help Center is still in need of turkeys and items for the meal.  My office is collecting non-perishables that are needed.  If you would like to donate a turkey, we would be glad to deliver it for you.


From all of us at SW&A, we hope that you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.  We all have so much which to be Thankful.


Best Regards,

Stephen Wallick

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Blankenship CPA Group Gets Fired By City of Dickson

BLANKENSHIP CPA GROUP, fired by the City of Dickson

View More: Lynn Griffin, Partner of Tax


Blankenship CPA Group was awarded the opportunity to audit the City of Dickson for the year ended June 30, 2013, per the Comptroller of the State of Tennessee.  After 7 months, the City of Dickson replaced Blankenship with another CPA firm out of Jackson, Tennessee.

Apparently, Blankenship did not meet any deadlines and gave the City a feeling of possible post buyer remorse.  One official stated that the City quickly lost confidence in the ability of Blankenship to deliver on their promises.

If the City of Dickson fired Blankenship, should the community have any faith in their abilities?  I think this is a valid question that the residents of Dickson County must answer for themselves.

Blankenship CPA Group in Dickson was formerly Mayes and Walters.  Mayes and Walters sold out to Blankenship, and in my opinion, sold out the Dickson Community.   Mike Walters who is married to Judy White Walters, ERA Real Estate Office also located in Dickson, has told people in thecommunity that this is one of his life’s biggest regrets.

Blankenship has been in the business of building their practice through acquisitions.  Many of these acquisitions did not go too well.  From my experience, Blankenship CPA Group of Brentwood, desires to push fees through the roof and leverage work with lower staff members.   I feel that this is a disservice to clients.

Many of the acquired practices regretted their sale / merger.  When these CPAs attempted to pull their practice back from Blankenship, they were met with brutal opposition.  Some of their stories are briefly stated below.

Joe Edmonson, of Edmonson, Betzler & Dame, also in Brentwood, is one of many firms that sold to the Blankenship brand only to have to endure a legal fight to undo the situation.  Mr. Edmonson shared with us that if it were not for his daughter, who is a lawyer in Atlanta, he may have not been so lucky.  Mr. Edmonson stated that Blankenship refused to pay him what they owed.

Another CPA, Joe Fragnoli, founder of Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, PC, another Brentwood firm merged his practice with Blankenship only to discover the fact that Blankenship agrees to certain terms and then changes the terms of the agreement.  Joe, was lucky to get out, but wishes he would have gone after Blankenship for their dirty games.

Brad Dickens, CPA also talked about his time at Blankenship.  After months and months of not having a contract, he decided to leave the firm and take his clients with him.  The Managing Director, CJ Blankenship, telephoned Mr. Dickens’ clients and stated that Brad was under investigation for theft and embezzlement.  Mr. Dickens did leave, and was fortunate enough that his clients did not believe CJ Blankenship.  Mr. Dickens would still desire to seek legal action against the Brentwood firm but claims that he is working to dig himself out of the financial ruins that Blankenship CPA Group caused.

Mr. Dickens also recalls a telephone call received from Chris Griffin in April of 2016.

Mr. Dickens was aware of another “Deal Gone Bad” in Dickson County.  Christopher Griffin, Director of Tax for Blankenship, telephoned Mr. Dickens and strongly encouraged him not to say anything bad about the Blankenship firm.  CJ Blankenship placed the same call to Mr. Fragnoli.

If these stories all sound vaguely familiar, they should.  These are the allegations that are being launched against me.  I intend to share on my website all attorney letters, legal filings, and correspondence.   Since I decided to remove myself from Blankenship because I believe they refused to pay me what I am owed, I have been the recipient of harassing phone calls, threats of extortion, threats of FBI raids on his home and office, threats of blackmail, defamation, and repeated character assassinations.

Additionally, Blankenship has opened a criminal investigation against me in Dickson County claiming …. you guess it THEFT while the civil case is also in front of the Williamson County Chancellery Court.  Blankenship’s attorney has threatened me with another legal fight should this Press Release be published.  I feel that Blankenship only wants their side of the story shared with the citizens of Dickson County.

I will present all court records, attorney letters and documentation.  If they are reviewed in a chronological order, it is clear to see the real story.

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Blankenship CPA Group is Being Sued Again…


In August of 2014, Stephen Wallick sold his business (ASC Tax Services in White Bluff, Tennessee) to Blankenship CPA Group in Brentwood, Tennessee. Mr. Wallick joined the firm as a Principal.

Mr. Wallick has a distinguished career in public accounting working for both the international firms of PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte and Touché. Mr. Wallick worked in Healthcare Delivery Systems Merger & Acquisition, Healthcare Consulting, Medicare Compliance, Sarbanes Oxley Compliance and Litigation Support. He is an honors student, youth minister, directly involved with the Dickson County Jail Chaplaincy and Tri-County Special Olympics, and published several articles related to Medicare Fraud and Compliance. Mr. Wallick moved to Dickson County because of his love for his wife, a graduate of Liberty University and Eastern Seminary College. They moved here for a safe and wholesome place to raise their 5 children.

The Brentwood Blankenship CPA Group also purchased Mayes & Walters CPAs. Stephen Wallick merged his firm into the Dickson office of the Brentwood Firm. The Brentwood Firm never executed final contract with Stephen Wallick. After Stephen Wallick moved his practice into their Dickson office, the Brentwood firm began to change the terms of their agreement. These changes cost Mr. Wallick considerable amounts of income.

After three (3) years, of attempting to get the Brentwood firm to pay what they owed, Stephen Wallick retained an attorney and began to extract himself and his clients from what he calls the Thieving Brentwood Boys.

The Blankenship CPA Group took advantage of Stephen Wallick and according to court records from Williamson County, Stephen Wallick alleges the Brentwood firm owes him $175,000 in salary and purchase price related to the sale of his practice.

This Brentwood firm apparently has done this to several other CPAs over the last 10 years. Several of these CPAs would gladly testify at both the criminal and civil trials.

Mr. Wallick also filed a civil lawsuit against the Blankenship CPA Group in Williamson County seeking damages. Mr. Wallick claimed that the Brentwood firm has attempted to extort Mr. Wallick, blackmail Mr. Wallick, harass Mr. Wallick, in an attempt defame his name and reputation in the Dickson County community where he has served his clients for the past 10 years.

Mr. Wallick has retained a professional blogger. This blogger will begin to blog every detail and aspect of this legal case. To read more about the unprofessional, criminal behavior of the Brentwood firm, please subscribe here.

TOPICS to come:
1. How the Brentwood firm put every customer of a Bank at significant risk of having their private information compromised.
2. Why the City of Dickson fired the Brentwood firm after only 7 months.
3. Interviews with other CPAs that were victimized by the Brentwood firm.

Mr. Wallick asks that his fellow Dickson County residents reserve judgment until the deposition of this case. Mr. Wallick looks forward to having a jury trial in Dickson County with a jury of his Dickson County peers.

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