Stephen Wallick February 7, 2018 No Comments

The IRS is increasing your chances of being audited by adding 700 audit and enforcement personnel. 

IRS enforcement will increase. No one wants to be audited, but the truth is that the tax system needs more audits. Recently, IRS audits of individuals reached an 11-year low. That made many taxpayers happy, of course. Even if you are certain that you filed your taxes properly, providing receipts is maddening, audits often seem dangerous.

The IRS is auditing less than 1% of individual taxpayers. Positive thoughts about the IRS are at an all-time low. But most Americans realize that we must pay taxes and that someone must collect them.  That is where sympathy or understanding for the role of the IRS ends. Recent scandals involving the IRS, evasive responses to Congress, failed approaches to security, and diffidence to the public and legislators have not won the IRS any friends.

If you owe the IRS and have not filed back taxes, Give us a call.  We are Middle Tennessee’s Tax Resolution Experts.


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